The experience at the service of the thermoforming mould

Models / Prototypes / Pieces made to measure

Models and prototypes

In relation to your research services and innovation, our models and prototypes are a reflection of our skills on the mastery of forms ; They allow you to validate your R & D process, to ensure the optimizations required with the joint councils, we can bring you.

Model car scale 1/12 th

Model racing car running Le Mans Prototype (LM P2)

Model racing car running Le Mans Prototype (LM P2)

Realization of company logos, sculptures...

Control templates

In response to your parts manufacturing, We offer expertise proven in production of jigs and tools allowing their control of forms or dimensional ratings.

In different materials (resin or aluminum), They allow the control and the reliability of your parts without forgetting the optimization of ergonomics for their use.

Injected plastic parts controls templates

Injected plastic parts controls templates

Various mechanical parts

Specialist of the formatting of soft materials (resins, aluminum...) Forminov is able to achieve all your production of single pieces or small series useful for the development of your projects.

In contact with many inventors, Developers, designers and even artists, we shape your thoughts and your creations. From "industrial prototype" to unique artistic work, we give birth to your forms.

Prototype part machining

Innovative motorcycle boating carved into the mass spoiler

Hoboes cut in the mass. World Championship

Forminov also produces mechanical parts for the boating sector

Discover below the piece for the F1 World Championship :