The experience at the service of the thermoforming mould

About Forminov

After a workshop of craftsmen in shaping prewar, Forminov's parent company continued to expand in the development of soft material tools.

It is thus that in the years 60 to 90, She gave birth to several technological activities of manufacturing equipment for the transformation of the plastics and composites of niche.

Un développement d'activité croissant

Grouped into industry group for the years 2000, the areas of expertise in foams, expanded injected materials, thermoforming, The composite... it was developed. Forminov, (ex Galinov) was established in 1994 to develop its activities started around thermoforming.

Riche d’une trentaine de personnes et d’un historique de presque 1 century, Forminov a enrichi ses activités vers le façonnage unitaire ou en très petite série des matériaux tendres.

Present in 2016 for the first time at the World Plastics Show in Dusseldorf "K's Show", toute l'équipe de Forminov s'est engagée dans une démarche d'export de nos compétences valorisant ses 100 years of know-how.

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FORMINOV is ISO certified 9001 by Veritas

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