The experience at the service of the thermoforming mould

Other types of tools for processing of plastics and composite materials


We offer solutions for tooling molding foam PU (Poly urethane) PE, PP, EPdm soft or hard. To be associated with a wide variety of shapes and densities ; our tools primarily used for heat and sound insulation, the tightness and the absorption of shocks are also optimized for small series (prototypes included) up to large series automotive type parts..

Head for the rail support

Different types of foaming equipment

Mechanization tools for injection of foam

Extrusion / blowing

Expert in machining of forms, our skills allow to support you in the development of tools for the extrusion blowing allowing the parts manufacturing hollow body.

Reservoir for industry

Reservoir for industry


More materials in many areas, the composite can be declined under different manufacturing processes.

Forminov was able to listen to the market and make the R & d working materials composite organic sources for Aeronautics and aerospace. Forminov doing work of high quality for the production of moulds and tooling and composites processing (silicone vacuum tarp, soluble cores for hollow parts). Forminov is able to machine masters for the realization of your small series.

Tooling of thermo compression for fiber composite organic sourced

Helmet leisure activity


This technology, undeveloped and unknown, allows for very technical parts, more complex with for example sharp corners, of soyages, design and surface textures.

By combining the technology of thermoforming and compression, forminov goes beyond the limits of thermoforming. This work unit and excellence allows you to satisfy you in the realization of prototypes and models for all subjects (aluminium, resin, plastic, expanded polypropylene, expanded polystyrene). Company of enthusiasts, the alliance of human know-how, of the machine, experience, to implement solutions at first sight inaccessible.

A medical machine station

A medical machine station


For any changes to maintenance of its moulds and moulds, Forminov relies on a long human experience to transform, renovate, improve your tools.

The maintenance of the good tool had us be under treaty under contracts frameworks ensure production ever more optimized in your workshops. Forminov also provides ad hoc outsourcing incident or in the form of framework contract

Maintenance of various tools for the processing activity of moulds plastics

Maintenance of various tools for the processing activity of moulds plastics